Special: Mena video-on-demand market poised to grow

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Consumers are continually looking for entertainment at the right price points.

The most recent report published by Research and Markets suggests that there’ll be 27.16 million paid SVOD subscriptions for 20 nations in the Mena from 2025, up from 10.95 million

By then, there’ll be 12.27 million coupons around 13 Arab nations, thrice the 2019 amount of 4.13 million, and faster expansion compared to the remainder of the area.

These three programs will create 78 percent of their Arab complete by 2025.

Lately, Starzplay reported a substantial 141 percent increase in the number of unique users throughout April 2020 when the Covid-19 disaster surfaced in the area, according to another study

conducted by PSB Research on the Rise Rise of Streaming Video from the Mena Market’.

The brand revealed the UAE is the most significant growth market, with consumers increasing 70 percent year-on-year and the amount of streaming hours climbing 80 percent.

Its share of the Mena total will stay at around 36 percent.

Approximately half of Netflix’s Mena readers are going to be in Arab countries.” Maaz Sheikh, co-founder and chief executive officer of StarzPlay, stated: “Our year-on-year expansion is directed by

our focus on fulfilling our readers’ ambitions by providing content that’s related to them and by deploying breakthrough technologies.

The findings will allow us to hone our articles and supply additional and guarantee increased significance to our readers.” In the same way, within the last couple of months,

OSN has noticed a change in consumption patterns throughout their content using Disney Originals articles along with HBO content continued to be the greatest contributors to the share of participation.

Family programming classes continue to succeed; it’s seen a rise in fresh genres with cooking and documentary displays gaining popularity.

Patrick Tillieux, chief executive officer of OSN, stated: “Considering intake patterns in key markets.

We also have noticed a rise; Saudi Arabia especially watched an average of more than five hours of participation per subscription every day.

Tillieux added: “By the perfect price point, consumers will continue to find enjoyment channels that offer variety.

Our business has been moving through an electronic transformation, and that’s true of our area too.

We have been working hard over the last couple of years to be in the forefront of the transformation and we have not succeeded at changing, but we’re in

ViacomCBS International Media Networks Middle East lately established Paramount in Mena.

This SVOD streaming service provides viewers a broad field of ViacomCBS articles and third parties, such as films, TV series, telenovelas, and cutting-edge humor.

Tracey Grant, vice-president of channels and content for ViacomCBS International Media Networks Middle East, stated: “We have seen a huge increase in articles intake during a lockdown.

In 2020, we consider important global video markets will undergo a few years’ worths of shift in customer behaviors in one year because of the pandemic.

The pandemic has also contributed to accelerating change from scheduled screening to flowing on-demand and signifies a step-change at the speed of market disturbance.” “Major marketing markets will also

be seeing signs of recovery especially in key advertising sales markets.

We expect it will continue growing across 2020 while it’s subject to successful management of the outbreak in 2021 since there’s still quite a ways to go.”