5 Reasons to Install an Automated Optical Inspection

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There is no denying the importance of electronic board inspection in the production process. It is, in fact, the last step in the inspection process before customers are offered the products. Luckily we have automated machines for optical inspection now. These machines have the role of inspecting a board panel and notifying the operator of the detected errors. Let’s look at some solid reasons for doing business using AOIs.

1. Inspection speed

The first biggest advantage of these machines is that they are quite fast. They can work for an hour in a few minutes. And then the operator can take a few more minutes to validate the errors. Inspection speed is thus one of the most notable advantages of these devices. Speed ​​is even critical if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the industry. Your business depends on it.

2. Inspection accuracy

Another great feature of these machines is precision, besides the high speed. The unit is operated by an experienced operator and detects the smallest product defects. After all, correcting the defects and remedying them is the most important aspect of precision.

3. Fast catches

Another great feature of these machines is that they allow you to catch the errors quickly. With an optical inspection unit, the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) offers great support. While the unit detects errors, the operator can inform the SMT line so that the errors can be corrected as quickly as possible.

This allows you to enjoy a great first pass yield. Moreover, you do not have to spend much time on rework.

4. Inspection consistency

It can be difficult to remain consistent while performing visual inspections. Although an experienced inspector can use a fast process for all signs, there is a lot of human error in the process.

With an AOI unit, it is important to note that the captured images are in the same place. Therefore, the camera will inspect all parts in the line. It can provide a much better consistency than a man. The reason is that people get tired, but machines don’t.

5. Less tension

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that an AOI machine can help you avoid a lot of stress. In fact, it lifts the whole process a lot. During the inspection process, fast catches can allow efficient movement of the products. Because there are not too many errors, inspectors find it easier to detect and report errors. Since they don’t have too much work to do, they don’t suffer from exhaustion, which is another great benefit.

Long story short, keep in mind that visual inspection machines offer many benefits. Some of the main benefits are listed above. However, they also have their shortcomings. But it’s great to have these machines in your facility as they can reduce errors and make the whole process less onerous for the unit. I hope this helps.